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Getting Serious, are you ready?

Are you in the very beginning stages of dating and considering asking your partner to take it to the next level? Here are some signs that you’re ready to make that move to a committed relationship.

For some people it is as easy as meeting the person and “just knowing” that they are right. For others, it is necessary to get to know the person better and feel confident that the relationship could work before taking the plunge. You always want to gage how the other feels about committed relationships and what their history is with past relationships. If you meet somebody who has had a large amount of short open relationships, they may not be ready to commit to a serious relationship. If your date has mentioned that one of his or her goals is to settle down and buy a house, or start a family that is a clear sign that they are ready.

In most cases if you have made it past the 4th date and are still feeling sparks it is a good sign that they want to continue the relationship. Watch out for several missed dates and postponements as these are red flags that the other person is very cautious about the relationship or maybe even dating in general.

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